This coccygectomy testimonial is from Kelly who just had her coccyx removal surgery on June 14, 2012. Kelly makes mention of one thing I would encourage you to do if you suffer from tailbone or coccyx pain - don't take no for an answer. If you're not happy with one doctor, find one who will support you. You will be encouraged! This is only one of our coccygectomy testimonials.


I have suffered for 3 years with coccyx pain, the worst pain being this last year. I don't recall damaging it my husband worked away for a while it took two hrs drive to visit him. When I drove, I used to have to stop and stand up as I noticed this pain in my butt area. I visited my GP who told me I had back pain and it would go away. It never did,  so when I returned he gave me some pain relief what didn't work. I felt I wasn't getting anywhere, so I decided to visit a chiropractor and after numerous treatments she thought I should be look at by a specialist - so she wrote to my GP. By the time my appt came through, I couldn't sit at work any longer and day to day tasks were becoming a painful chore.

Luckily, I have a very supportive husband who helped me. The consultant decided to try manipulation and steroid injections and the waiting list for this was 18 weeks, I had acupuncture to try to help while I was waiting and it did ease my pain. I get called in after 8 weeks had the procedure and felt ok. In 6 weeks I had a follow up appt, but by this time my coccyx pain was back. The dr said he thought my coccyx was very mobile when trying to manipulate. I could feel this when I was sitting down.

The next option was to have another steroid (this was nhs policy). I had this done, but got no relief. By this time, I was having low back pain and what the dr thought would be down to my coccyx I wasn't sure as the pain worsened when I walked. I was in so much pain the only option left was to remove my coccyx I went ahead with this on the 14th June 2012. I woke from the anesthetic and couldn't feel any back pain - and it's been like that since. Don't get me wrong, it's painfully sore and I have a dull ache, and my wound has popped open but it's not as bad as the pain I was in. I did read that it was helpful after surgery to get a raised toilet seat and a grabber to pick things up. I am still in bed most days but I do feel I am getting better every day.

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  1. LQB on October 23, 2013 at 6:47 am

    I too am suffering from coccyx pain & don’t know what to do. I believe mine stemmed from long driving every wknd for work as well. We are a military family & transferred to Jacksonville fl recently. My new primary has recommended me
    For pain management but I’m not hopeful. I’ve tried Physical therapy, cortisone shots & pain meds – nothing’s worked. I really just want to have it removed if there’s no real need for it but im scared. I hope ur feeling better Kelly & I’m going to email u as well to see how ur doing. It’s awful to live w this & limits u a lot. Plus we want to have a baby but I can’t imagine how worse it would be being pregnant. If anyone has advice please share. Thanks.

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