Contour Freedom Seat coccyx cushion for tailbone injury or coccydynia

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Have you had a tailbone injury, are you suffering from coccydynia or are you needing lower lumbar support? The Contour Freedom Seat could be just the thing you are looking for. The Freedom Seat from Contour is a high density foam cushion that is anatomically designed for lower body comfort if you’ve had tailbone trauma, coccydynia or had a coccygectomy.  It has a cut-out in the back of the cushion to relieve pressure on the tailbone, and has a soft, breathable cover. Great for home , work or travel.

Contour Freedom Seat

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Contour Freedom Seat - Product Description

The Contour Freedom Seat has 7 distinct features to improve your back comfort while seated. The seat's wedge shape restores your lumbar curve and comforts spinal discs, while its coccyx relief cutout minimizes pressure build-up in the tailbone area. Features: Anatomic Shape - Anatomic shape contours to fit the curves of your lower body for a comfortable seat - anywhere you go. Cradling Edge Design - Graduated edge of seat cushion positions hips for better alignment and posture. Coccyx Relief Cutout - The "Zero Pressure Tailbone Cutout" for coccyx area, minimizes direct contact between the sensitive tailbone are and the seating surface. This reduces uncomfortable stress and pressure which can build-up during prolonged seating. Contoured Surface - Curved front design avoids pressure on lower thigh. Breathable Cover - Soft, breathable cover to ensure all day comfort. Highly Resilient Material High-Density foam provides better support and even distribution of your body's weight, reducing uncomfortable pressure points around the pelvic bone. Wedge Shape - Angled wedge design rotates your pelvis, reducing strain on the lower spine. Helps restore your lumbar curve and comforts spinal discs.

Contour Freedom Seat - Details

  • Anatomic Shape, Cradling Edge Design , Coccyx Relief Cutout , Contoured Surface , Breathable Cover , Highly Resilient Material High, Wedge Shape
  • Dimensions: 16 x 14.5 x 2.5

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