Contour Products Freedom Seat

Contour Products Freedom Seat

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Contour Products Freedom Seat - Product Description

The Contour Freedom Seat is made of high-density foam that helps distribute body weight evenly, reducing uncomfortable pressure points. Zero pressure tailbone cutout minimizes direct contact between the chair and your tailbone area for more comfortable sitting. The graduated edge helps position hips for better alignment and posture. The curved front design avoids pressure to lower thighs. The angled wedge design rotates your pelvis, reducing strain on the lower spine. Soft, breathable cover for all-day comfort.

Contour Products Freedom Seat - Details

  • 7 distinct features to improve your back comfort while seated
  • Seat?s wedge shape restores your lumbar curve and comforts spinal discs
  • Its coccyx relief cutout minimizes pressure build-up in the tailbone area
  • Cradling edge design positions your hips for better posture
  • Great for home use and with wheelchairs