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What is a sacroiliac seat cushion and why would you need one? A sacroiliac seat cushion is a specially designed seat cushion, usually made from memory foam or inflatable, with a cutout for the coccyx designed to give rest and cause less stress on the SI joint (sacroiliac joint) when a person with a sacroiliac joint injury is sitting down.

When does a person need to use a sacroiliac seat cushion? A person will need to use a coccyx seat cushion when they find it unbearable to sit due to pressure on a fractured or broken coccyx or fractured or broken sacroiliac joint. It is a natural method of pain management and is usually needed either before a coccygectomy and sometimes after a coccygectomy.

There are a few types of sacroiliac seat cushions. The donut seat coccyx or tailbone cushion has a small section cut out in the middle of the cushion near the end of the tailbone. The donut type of coccyx cushion is not usually the best option because the pressure is potentially still on the bone when you sit down.

It is suggested from experienced medical professionals that the most beneficial sacroiliac seat cushion is the cushion that looks like a ring with a small cut out at portion where the coccyx or end of the tailbone would normally touch the chair. This design ensures that the cushion will provide the necessary elevation which will help you avoid the coccyx touching the chair surface. The coccyx seat cushion can also be filled with gel or foam and seems to be a most popular choice these days.

Please watch this video that explains sacrolliac joint dysfunction and pain

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Another type of cushion available is the inflatable coccyx cushion which can provide the coccyx relief as the name suggests. One can very easily make adjustments to the inflatable coccyx cushion so that it is filled with air and is as comfortable as needed. An added benefit with the inflatable coccyx cushion is that you can carry it very easily where ever you go and nobody will even notice.

A sacroiliac seat cushion is not usually very expensive and you can get excellent deals from a variety of online sources – like here on You need to confirm that you always buy the coccyx cushions that are from a reputable manufacturer or source so that you can confirm that you’ve purchased the correct item and purchased a coccyx cushion that is also medically proven and certified.