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Coccyx pain

Coccyx pain (coccydynia) can have many causes, from child-birth to falling down on your backside while rollerblading. It is usually caused from a fall or similar type injury, but what actually causes coccyx pain? People who suffer from coccyx pain can attest that it is not an enjoyable experience and will try almost anything to…

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Lower back pain after pregnancy

Lower back pain after pregnancy is more common of an occurrence than people know with some statistics placing it at over 50% of women who suffer from lower back pain after giving birth. There could be a number of factors for this lower back pain, but after having a child a woman can really suffer.…

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Causes of Coccydynia Back Pain

So, you have a pain in the butt? Does your tailbone feel likes it’s going to fall off? Are you unable to sit for an extended period of time? There is a pretty good chance you may have coccydynia. Here are a few causes of coccydynia and perhaps you’ve experienced one of these situations. If…

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