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Coccyx pain and coccyx removal for Kelly

HomeCoccyx cushionsProductsCoccygectomy VideosResources & Education What is a coccyx? Tailbone Pain What is a Coccygectomy? What Is Involved in Coccyx Removal Surgery?Connect Tell Us Your Story Suggest a Doctor This coccygectomy testimonial is from Kelly who just had her coccyx removal surgery on June 14, 2012. Kelly makes mention of one thing I would encourage…

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Surgery after nearly 10 years of pain

Original posting, 2004-08-15: My problem with my tailbone started 10 years ago this coming September. I was doing some upgrading in word processing at a neighborhood adult education centre preparing myself to go back in the workforce. Our son was 5 years of age. In only a few short weeks my tailbone started to hurt…

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