When one is suffering from coccydynia or a fractured coccyx, treatment for coccyx pain is of great importance. The pain caused from a broken tailbone or fractured coccyx can almost be unbearable for those who are afflicted. It seems that the pain will never go away, but there are options for those suffering and looking for treatment of coccyx pain.

The first step in coccyx pain treatment would be to make a visit to your doctor. If your doctor looks at you with a blank stare when you say you have coccyx pain, this is nothing unusual. My suggestion would be to source a doctor who is familiar with and has experience in dealing with coccyx and tailbone pain and who will take you seriously. This meeting with a doctor is to confirm that your pain symptom in your coccyx is not a result of anything more serious, like cancer, and the starting of the process of coccyx treatment – whether through manual manipulation, injections, medications or potential coccyx removal surgery.

As mentioned, if it concluded that the source of the pain in your coccyx region is in fact coccydynia and the coccyx, there are a number of coccyx treatment and coccyx therapy options for you. Some of these options are:

  • manual treatment of the coccyx: this would include external manipulation of the coccyx (pulling the tip of the coccyx backwards through the skin just above the anus) and internal manipulation of the coccyx (placing a gloved finger into the anus of the patient and gently massaging/stretching the muscles attached to the coccyx)
  • anti-inflammatory injections: this is the injection of an anti-inflammatory in the coccyx area. The types of injections could include injection of corticosteroid, injection of local anesthetic, injection of irritant solution (aka prolotherapy) and dry needling (acupuncture)
  • pain medications: there are a variety of pain medications that could work short term, but they could also potentially be addicting. Please consult with your medical professional before starting treatment of coccyx pain with any painkillers.
  • coccygectomy: the final solution is for coccyx removal surgery or a coccygectomy. This surgery is not very common, so it is suggested to find an experienced surgeon before you move forward with this option because there are some unique risks with coccyx removal surgery. This is the most drastic option for treatment for coccyx pain you can do.

Treatment for coccyx pain is very important. Quite often the pain of coccydynia will subside after a few months of it starting, but if it doesn’t and starts to get worse, you need to move with intention in finding a doctor for diagnosis and ensure that it is the actual source of your problem.

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