Coccyx cushions can improve your quality of life.

Coccyx cushions are a product that can let anyone who suffers from coccydynia or a sore tailbone have a little relief from the constant pain. Those who've never suffered from the ache and pain of a broken coccyx, sore tailbone, bruised tailbone and the like will never really understand the challenge to daily living this condition has. Please read about the the various types of coccyx cushions that are available and perhaps one will be able to help you with your coccyx pain.

Ring Coccyx Cushion

Ring coccyx cushions (or donut cushions) are shaped like a doughnut. This type of cushion is especially effective in dealing with coccydynia associated with hemorrhoids, bruising, damage from falling and prostate enlargement. The ring cushions can either be gel or inflated with air to your liking. Although a very popular option, one of the issues of using this type of coccyx cushion is that it is only a short term solution.

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Gel Coccyx Cushion

This type of coccyx cushion consists of a mixture of gel and foam and are known for their great stability. The gel coccyx cushion provides optimum comfort for the user by relieving and evenly distributing the pressure around the coccyx and coccygeal area. A distinct feature of the gel coccyx cushion is that a cut-out section is near the back center of the cushion that is especially designed to help prevent the coccyx from touching any hard surface. Because of the make-up of the cushion, a persons weight is also distributed very well over a gel coccyx cushion. This effectively deals with coccydynia but this is considerably more pricey over the other types of coccyx cushions.

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Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion

The memory foam coccyx cushion is created from visco-elastic foams used by NASA and is much more dense than other types of coccyx cushions. This memory type of foam can easily retain the contour of your unique shape and will prevent the accumulation of pressure around the coccyx. Because it is memory foam, you don't need to worry about over-using memory foam coccyx cushions because this is considered temperature-sensitive which allows it to recover its original shape.

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Inflatable Coccyx Cushion

Another type of cushion is the inflatable coccyx cushion that is filled with air to the firmness of your desired comfort. One of the best advantages of using the inflatable coccyx cushion is that you can deflate it and can carry it with you wherever you go. The firmness of the inflatable coccyx cushion would depend on the amount of air in it and, when you find it to be more comfortable with less air inside the cushion, you may deflate it to the firmness of your choice. The downfalls of using this type of coccyx cushion is that it may not be as durable (you can easily poke a hole in it) and this is only intended for short term use.

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Sloping Coccyx Cushion

The sloping coccyx cushion is an excellent option for those who have to sit for long periods time, such as a person who works in an office. The sloping coccyx cushion is also good to use in a car by placing it on the car seat. They are high quality and made of polyurethane foam which is considered to be very resilient. The cover can be made of various materials, but is usually made of velour camel that is completely washable. The sloping coccyx cushion works by tilting a persons pelvis and retaining the normal lumbar alignment to help prevent coccydynia. This also has a cut-out feature at the rear of the cushion which prevents the pelvis from touching on a hard surface.

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