Cushions and seats clinically proven to give comfort & relief from back, coccyx and tailbone discomfort. Do you suffer from back,coccyx or tailbone discomfort? Have you been diagnosed with coccydunia or tailbone pain and find it almost impossible to sit or relax comfortably, even for a short period of time? Millions like you have improved their quality of life through orthopedic seat cushions and seats.

There are a variety of brand name orthopedic seat cushions and other affordable products that provide clinically proven methods of relieving pressure from your tailbone (coccyx). In normal seats, your entire upper body weight pushes your tailbone against the seating surface, creating spinal pressure that can cause back pain. With orthopedic seat and tailbone cushions, your tailbone never touches the seat and your body weight is distributed evenly against the comfort cushion through your buttocks.

Please take a look at these recommended tailbone seat cushions to help alleviate your coccydynia and tailbone pain.

  • Obusforme Lowback Backrest Support, Black, 21 x 18 x 5.5
Obusforme Lowback Backrest Support, Black, 21 x 18 x 5.5Features of the Obusforme Lowback Backrest Support: Designed to increase comfort by aligning your spine and supporting correct posture. Unlike traditional L shaped chairs the S shaped frame of the Obusforme molds your spine into proper anatomical alignment. Muscles relax leaving you more comfortable and energized. Features molded impact resistant lightweight polycarbonate frame. Durable polyurethane foam protects frame and provides cushy comfort. Hypoallergenic cover can be removed and spot washed. With removable adjustable lumbar support pad to provide additional comfort for the lower back by supporting the lumbar curve. Use together with any Obusforme seat. Beautiful impact retail packaging.

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