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Fractured coccyx

Do you think that you might have a fractured coccyx or a broken tailbone due to the excruciating chronic pain you feel in your coccyx? A fractured coccyx, which is really just a broken coccyx, can be a very painful and debilitating condition as it makes it nearly impossible to sit, stand or lay for…

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How To Tell If You Have a Broken Tailbone or Fractured Coccyx

The following article contains tips on how to tell if you have a broken tailbone or fractured coccyx. Do you have chronic pain in your tailbone or coccyx area that simply won’t go away? Are you unable to stand or sit for any length of time at all without going crazy from the pain in…

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What are the Treatments for a Broken Tailbone?

A fracture occurs when too much force is placed on the bone, causing it to break. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, most fractures are the result of trauma, such as a fall or a car accident. In most cases, a broken tailbone occurs when a person falls backward directly onto the tailbone.…

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