There are many types of excellent coccyx cushions to help you with your sore tailbone or coccydynia

coccyx cushionCoccyx cushions (or any other type of comfortable sitting aide) are an important part of your day if you suffer from any sort of tailbone or coccyx pain. Whether you've injured your tailbone in a fall, during childbirth or an unfortunate sports related injury, a person's quality of life is greatly affected if they are unable to sit comfortably. If you've ever had coccyx pain or a sore tailbone, you will understand the need for comfort when you sit down. Coccyx pain can be excruciating and very uncomfortable at best when one tries to sit down on a chair. You can experience less pain in your coccyx or tailbone by using one of the variety of coccyx cushions available on the market today. The different types of coccyx cushions available are: gel coccyx cushions, memory foam coccyx cushions, ring or donut coccyx cushions, inflatable coccyx cushions or sloping coccyx cushions. Take a quick look at the top offerings below from to help with your search to sit in comfort.

Take your time and do some research in looking for a comfortable tailbone cushion to help relieve your pain. Not everyone is built the same, so some cushions may work better than others for you.

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