is a site for those people considering getting a coccygectomy, coccygectomy testimonials and those who have already had a coccygectomy and would like to tell others of their experience and for others who are currently suffering from coccydynia and pain in their coccyx. This site is for those individuals who have suffered from the debilitating pain of coccydynia and tailbone pain and are looking for answer or alternatives to relieve the pain. This site is in no way intended to be medical advice, but simply a research resource for those looking for this type  of surgical procedure.

We’ve been through both the pain of coccydynia as well as a coccygectomy. After numerous years of suffering in agony, we only wish we had a resource like this to help us make an educated and informed decision more conclusively and in a more timely manner. It ended up being from a website that we finally found a surgeon who specialized in coccyx surgery and ultimately proceeded with one. My wife suffered horribly for 3 years, bed-ridden for most of that time, with excruciating coccyx and tailbone pain until we finally found a doctor who agreed that she needed a coccygectomy.

My only advice is this: don’t take NO for an answer. If you feel that you need more answers, continue to ask your doctor. If your doctor can’t give you the answer you think you need, ask him/her to refer you to a specialist in coccydynia or tailbone pain. It took us 3 long years of suffering to finally get the answers we needed… but we prevailed. We never gave up.

I encourage you submit your story and tell us your experience so that you in  turn can help others. Coccygectomy testimonials let one know that they are not alone in this journey and there are others to help and lean on. I also have it set up so that you can suggest a surgeon if you’ve had a good experience with your doctor. Perhaps someone in your area is looking for a great surgeon or coccyx doctor as well. I hope you find this site useful.



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