You’ve been suffering from coccyx and tailbone pain for a long time and someone has suggested you try out a coccyx cushion. How does one select a good coccyx or tailbone seat cushion? The tailbone (coccyx) is, surprisingly, a very important part of the human body. The coccyx forms part of the pivotal triangular structure at the bottom of the spinal column which is needed for us to sit properly. So, what is the cause of coccyx pain? In many cases, the tailbone is fractured or possibly dislocated because of a fall during sporting event or unintentional accident.¬† In some other cases, the tailbone may be deformed or not properly formed when a baby is born and the person will have issues later on in life due to this natural defect in the coccyx.

In all these cases mentioned above, there is either surgery done to correct the deformity or, in many cases, the primary option is to investigate prevention methods for alleviating pain. Pressure is exerted on the coccyx when one is sitting on a chair and this pressure will be directly borne by the tailbone when it comes in contact with the chair cushion. Gravity will force your spine down on the inflicted area and cause great pain. Many people claim that it feels like their is pole being stuck up their spine.

The main object of a coccyx or tailbone cushion is to avoid the pain is to avoid direct contact of the tailbone with the seat cushion when sitting down. This can be done by using a special cushion which you should be able to get from a variety of shops. There are several types of coccyx and tailbone cushions: the donut seat or ring  seat cushion, the inflatable coccyx cushion, the gel coccyx cushion, the memory foam coccyx cushion and also the sloping coccyx seat cushion. For more information on these, please visit our page on coccyx and tailbone seat cushions to learn more.


Coccyx seat cushion

A coccyx seat cushion for coccyx pain, coccydynia or tailbone pain.


The donut seat coccyx or tailbone cushion will have the cut out portion in the middle of the cushion near the end of the tailbone. This type of cushion is not considered the best option because the pressure is potentially still on the bone when you sit down. It is reported that the best coccyx cushion is the cushion that looks like kind of a ring with a small cut out at portion where the coccyx or end of the tailbone will. That way the cushion will provide the necessary elevation which will help you avoid the coccyx touching the chair surface.

The coccyx cushion can also be a gel filled or the foam filled which seems to be a more popular choice these days. Another type of cushion available is the inflatable coccyx cushion which can provide the benefit as the name suggests and you can very easily make adjustments so that the tailbone cushion is filled with air as comfortable and as needed. An added benefit with the inflatable cushion is that you can carry it very easily where ever you go and nobody will even notice.

Tailbone seat cushions are not very expensive and you can get good deals from a variety of places – including here on When in doubt. my suggestion would be to always buy the coccyx cushions that are from a reputable manufacturer as that will ensure that you have 1) purchased the correct item and 2) purchased a coccyx cushion that is also medically proven and certified. We also have a quick rating guide for the best coccyx cushions called The Top 10 Coccyx Cushions for Coccydynia or a Sore Tailbone to help you out on your search.

Do you have any other ideas for coccyx and tailbone pain relief? Drop us a comment using the form below and perhaps you’ll be able to help someone else with their coccyx pain.

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