Coccygectomy, tailbone pain, back and coccydynia

What is a coccygectomy or coccyx removal surgery?

A coccygectomy, or coccyx removal surgery, is a surgical procedure during which the coccyx is removed. offers information and tips on coccyx cushions and products for coccyx pain, lower back pain and tailbone pain, coccydynia and on a coccygectomy. is also here to offer you a resource to help you make an informed choice of whether getting a coccygectomy is the right choice for you as you suffer from coccyx and tailbone pain.

Seat cushion for sore tailbone or coccyx

Do you suffer from a sore tailbone or coccyx? Do you get pain in your tailbone when you sit down? These coccyx cushions from Amazon get top marks for relieving your pain and discomfort. We also offer the Top 10 Coccyx Cushions for a Sore Tailbone if you need to do a little more research for the perfect tailbone cushion for you.

As creators of this site, we know first hand the pain, agony, suffering and compromised quality of life that a person with a sore tailbone, broken tailbone or coccyx lives with. It’s not fun at all and we wish we had a site like this when we went through our coccygectomy over twelve years ago. We also want to let you know of any side affects or coccygectomy complications as well. So, if you suffer from a sore tailbone or coccyx and don’t know what to do, read through a few pages on the site so you can approach your health care professional or surgeon with informed questions. If you’ve already had coccyx removal surgery and would like to recommend a good surgeon, please feel free by clicking here.