Are you looking for the best chair for bad backs? Are you looking for a chair to help you with your back pain? Is your lower back and lumbar region simply too painful to spend too much time in your office chair? Does going to the office bring feelings of dread knowing that you will sitting all day and enduring horrible back pain? Are you suffering from any type of back pain or sciatica and need an office chair that will allow you to sit without pain? Perhaps you aren’t suffering from any back pain at all and are looking for preventative tools to keep your back healthy.

I’ve discovered a truly fantastic chair that offers you the best comfort if you suffer from lower back pain. If you are looking for the best chair for bad backs, I think you may have ended your search. Here are some features that make this chair one of the best chairs for a bad coccyx:

  • Our bodies crave movement and motion
    Our body simply can’t stand staying in a static position like sitting and wants to have the freedom of being able to move around. Even small movements during the day provide huge benefits in back health and the unique, patented design of this chair for bad backs facilitates movement from small ones to full recline and incline position changes.
  • Learn about the secret of dynamic counterbalancing
    This chair and the backrest swing from a pivot point that matches your body’s center of gravity and its center of motion so they will rotate perfectly with your body. This will allow you to move freely while keeping a comfortable and bio-mechanically correct posture.


  • Offer true lumbar support
    Whether you’re working on your keyboard or on the phone, you will experience the full lumbar support that follows the natural path of human motion – which our body needs. This chair for bad backs self adjusts so you’ll never have to fuss with seat or backrest adjustments because it moves as you move – providing support and comfort in all positions.
  • No slouching allowed!
    This may come as shock, but men tend to slouch when they sit. The unique design of the seating mechanism in this best office chair for a back makes it virtually impossible for a person to slouch and also helps users maintain good posture throughout the day, protecting their back and neck from pain.
  • No ‘perching’ while working
    The seat and backrest on this chair move independently and your back is always supported as are your hips and thighs no matter how you choose to work. This feature is especially important for women who often sit on the edge of their work chairs.
  • Number one in comfortable cushions
    The comfortable cushions on this chair are hand upholstered and use high-quality foam and upholstery for comfort, good looks and durability.
  • One size fits most
    This best chair for bad backs is ideal for everyone between 5’1″ and 6’4″ and up to 250lbs. You can adjust your chair to your body and your work space and then the chair automatically adjusts to your movement. Your own personal chair!
  • No special tools and easy assembly
    You can assemble this lumbar support chair in less than 5 minutes with no special tools. All one needs to do is simply snap parts in place and turn a few knobs and you are ready to enjoy the best seat in the house or office.

If you are searching for the best chair for bad backs, I believe your quest may be over. For optimum lumbar and back support and comfort at your your desk, please check out more about this fantastic chair by reading more here.

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